On May 6, we told you about their gift card event

Rhinelander Football will have new uniforms for 2019 season

“One of the nicest features about them in addition to just fitting, is they have a banded bottom so they will be easier to stay tucked in,” Fugle said. They will look a little bit sharper and I think it just adds to the idea to push the program forward.”

The jersey’s will be paired with black pants, black helmets and possibly a green face mask.

The new uniforms will be for the freshman, JV and varsity teams.

The old jerseys will be passed down to the 7th and 8th graders.

TOMAHAWK Half an hour before opening is about the only time you’ll find Tricia Hoffman’s store empty.

“Now that the businesses and stuff are wanting to ramp up, I’ve probably done 10 or 12 gallons this week,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman has owned Scentability in Tomahawk for the last 10 years.

She’s known for soap, but got emergency permission from the F A to make sanitizer, using a tried and true formula.

“Alcohol, like isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and water; that’s it,” Hoffman said.

RHINELANDER Things are as busy as ever at Shoeder’s RV and Marine in Rhinelander. On May 6, we told you about their gift card event. They bought 200 of them.

## ## “We had a bunch of people come in the first few days of everything when we started getting it out on social media and through news stories,” said Co Owner Ali Shoeder. “A couple people [are still] coming in, but it’s died off a little bit.”

Those on the frontlines are still encouraged to come in to pick up a gift card.

“I think some people might be thinking, aww, maybe they’re already gone, but we do still have about half left or so,” said Co Owner Scott Borths.

MINOCQUA Friday marks the 15th National Endangered Species Day. Wildwood Wildlife Park in Minocqua is doing their part to help conservation efforts across the globe.

“It’s important that people know where those animals come from and if we can support them in any way, we’ll do that,” said park director Judy Domaszek.

At Wildwood Wildlife park, guests pay for an up close experience with animals they otherwise would never see in the Northwoods. Domaszek said a portion of that money goes to conservation organizations across the globe.

“We cooperate with other conservation causes so we can join in with them to help these species out in the wild,” said Domaszek.

The park donates anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 a year to these organizations. Domaszek said that’s made possible by the park’s dedicated guests.

“We have many, many locals who buy a zoo membership,” said Domaszek. “That really helps support our zoo when the times are tough.”

After reopening earlier this week, the zoo is taking extra precautions to make sure guests stay safe.

“We put markers on the ground so they can stand six feet apart. We have coned areas near the giraffes so they can spread out while waiting for the giraffe feeding. We’re always sanitizing and cleaning,” said Domaszek.

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